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How AJ Pet Portraits began

It all started with the love for my furry four legged friends

I'm Abbie, a 25 year-old self-taught artist living in beautiful South West Scotland. Two important things about me - I have the two most gorgeous girls, Bonnie and Barley. I also have an extreme love and passion for drawing animals. The creative world of art has been a part of me for longer than I can remember, now with over 6 years of professional artwork experience, I'm lucky enough to be earning a living doing what I love most and being around beautiful furbabies. 
When I was wee, you could catch me in the countryside painting or sketching farm animals whilst sitting on a bail of hay in the field, and my passion for art and animals has only grown. It’s helped me through so much of my life, helping me capture the highs and work through the lows. Even when I went to university and tried to focus on my studies, I was constantly being pulled back to my artboard. It brought a sense of peace and took me away from the pressures of University life. So in 2017 I decided to set up an online Art Page through the social media platform - Facebook. It was originally designed to be a place where I could share my own artwork, yet it turned into something much more exciting. So I could say that this is where AJ Pet Portraits truly took off. 
Every portrait I have worked on has meant a great deal to me and no portrait is ever the same. With each pet I draw I learn new skills, pick up on their uniqueness and begin to see the distinctive personalities in each pet and what makes them so special. I always keep in mind my love for my own beautiful girls and how much I would want their character and personality to flow through a portrait. So I try and capture your pets' own personal features and personality to the best of my ability. Making sure the portrait brings you happiness and love just as much as it brought me working on it.

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